Stay Informed & Stay Well

As a trusted partner, we realize the importance of best practices for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting while emphasizing the right products, procedures and documentation. As your business seeks quick and efficient ways to promote safe workplace practices for winter wellness, we’re here to help you stay informed and keep your workers and customers well. See our Smart Strategies webpage and video for new tips and recommendations for maintaining and sustaining and what may come next.

Winter Wellness

Aim to Minimize Personal Exposure

Two out of three people are still not comfortable going back to the workplace, and the need for protective layers like masks, eye and face protection can provide peace of mind.1  Over 40 percent of customers have similar worries about visiting establishments.2  Offering a limited-touch environment with hands-free products helps comfort visitors in your public spaces, homes or business.

Be sure you have CDC-recommended essentials for surface sanitizers & disinfectants, hand sanitizers and gloves to promote wellness during the winter months and beyond. Our new Disinfecting, Safety and Social Distancing Solutions Guide offers valuable tips and recommendations to keep workers and customers protected this winter.

  • 70 percent of workers and customers want hand sanitizer available at all times3
  • People touch approximately 7,200 surfaces every 24 hours4

Follow Smart Social Distancing Practices

Customers and workers worry about safety when they interact with others at work and in public places.5 Strengthen your hygiene efforts by limiting occupancy levels and utilizing protective barriers and social distancing tape to help minimize unsafe interactions.

  • Install physical barriers, such as clear plastic sneeze guards6
  • Discourage workers from using other workers’ phones, desks, offices, or other work tools and equipment7

Enforce a Hygienic Environment

During the winter months when germs are at their peak, following a stringent hygiene plan is more important than ever.  By including a routine for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, will help create a healthier environment.

Disinfect and sanitize high-traffic areas and shared resources with products like electrostatic sprayers or UV-C lighting to maintain winter wellness for workers and customers.

  • Revolutionary electrostatic technology charges particles in the solution sprayed to deliver quicker and better disinfecting coverage than conventional spraying.
  • UV-C is a safe and highly effective form of sanitizing surfaces in seconds without chemicals.

At HD Supply, we are committed to providing you the right products, information and solutions you need to make maintaining and sustaining a hygienic environment easy and efficient.

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