Prepare Your Facility for Winter

Winter has a way of arriving without regard for your business’ busy schedule, but preparing your property is paramount to ensuring the safety of staff and building occupants. Start with the right products and equipment to complete all your winter projects quickly and safely this season.

Audit your property to ensure you have the products from each category below on hand — and take action if you don’t!

Winter Prep Essentials — In Stock & Available Nationwide

Facility maintenance manager removing snow from building walkway with snow thrower
Snow & Ice
Floor mat inside building's entrance
Winter Floor Care
Man wearing safety vest and gloves while shoveling snow
Personal Safety
Products & Gear

More Winter Resources

Exterior of office building at night lit with exterior lighting fixutres

Stock Up on Lighting

As the temperature drops, so will the amount of daylight. Keep building occupants safe while also protecting your budget by stocking up on lighting supplies for less. We also offer all the outdoor lighting solutions you need to keep parking lots and building exteriors safe during the longer twilight hours.

Fight the Flu

Preventing cold and flu germs from spreading on your property this winter is easy with the right solutions. From office buildings and schools to hospitals and long-term care facilities, your facility’s occupants will stay healthy and present with our wide range of hand sanitizers, soaps, disinfecting products and more.

Woman sneezing at her desk
The Home Depot Pro customer checking out in-store with a ProPurchase card

Have a Fall-Back Solution

The time change won’t be the only thing to catch you off guard this winter. Ensure your staff has ProPurchase cards on-hand for last-minute and unexpected supply needs. Shop at The Home Depot® stores, pay with your existing Home Depot Pro account.