SupplyWorks Restroom Assessment Tool

Restrooms are a reflection of your overall facility and company image. A majority of consumers believe a bad restroom indicates poor management and shows the business doesn't care about its customers, which lowers their opinion of the business or facility. 1

With the complimentary SupplyWorks Assessment Tool (SWAT) for Restrooms, we can provide a floor-to-ceiling inspection of more than 65 evaluation points in your facility's restrooms to ensure they are equipped with the right products to keep your patrons healthy, happy and safe.

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Use our restroom diagram below to see just a few of the restroom areas covered by the assessment, then click on any of the categories within the diagram to shop available products. To request a complimentary SWAT audit for your facilities, fill out this form.

SupplyWorks Assessment Tool may require SVG capabilities.

1. Source: The Healthy Hand Washing Survey, Bradley Corporation, January 2015