Inventory Management Solutions for Your Facility

Home Depot Pro' Supplyware program addresses the challenges you face every day by efficiently managing product inventory across multiple locations, providing real-time visibility into your stock levels and usage, and automating ordering and replenishment—all in a cost-effective way that saves you time and money.

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Ordering Efficiency

Supplyware is compatible with all of your facility maintenance, cleaning and repair products, regardless of vendor, and creates suggested replenishment orders customized to your usage.

Cost Management

By reducing stock and procurement spending for frequently purchased items and providing detailed tracking of products throughout the supply chain process, Supplyware can significantly reduce inventory and administrative costs.

Inventory Speed and Accuracy

Supplyware allows you to accelerate inventory check-in and checkout processes with an easy-to-use barcode scanning app on your iOS or Android mobile phone. The reporting of your inventory is then automated, helping to reduce human error and giving valuable time back to your staff.

Product Visibility

With reports that show real-time product availability and use by person and location, Supplyware allows you to monitor inventory levels from a company-wide to a storeroom level.

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