Services and Business Tools Success Story


Sensational Touch Janitorial

Sensational Touch Janitorial is a facilities management building service contractor in North Carolina. They are one of the fastest growing building maintenance providers in the southeast and needed a distribution partner that would help grow the business.

The HD Supply Solution

Sensational Touch Janitorial picked HD Supply as their distribution partner because of our range of products and industry expertise. From supply chain solutions to e-commerce capabilities, HD Supply had the capabilities to make Sensational Touch more productive and efficient.

On top of MRO and JanSan products, HD Supply offers Services and Business Tools designed to make BSCs healthier, safer, greener and more productive. Our assortment of proprietary programs can reduce total operating costs by as much as 30%.

These programs include a comprehensive audit and review of products and procedures with a dedicated HD Supply representative, training for staff on best cleaning practices, certification and follow up improvement measures.

The Result

Within the first five months of implementing our programs, Sensational Touch reduced their operating costs. They also expanded their product offering to include food service, laundry and MRO categories like HVAC and lighting.

Learn how our Services and Business Tools can reduce your costs and improve your cleaning efficiency.

"I have had to turn down opportunities for consumables and maintenance in the past because I did not have the distribution partner support. With Home Depot Pro, I am now focusing on this and other items I would not have considered in the past. I am finding solid profit in this and am very excited to continue going back to my existing clients and offering them services I previously could not offer."

Michelle Durham
Chief Executive Officer
Sensational Touch Janitorial