SupplyWorks In-Site™ For Building Service Contractors
Sensational Touch Janitorial

Sensational Touch Janitorial is a privately held building service contractor based out of Kernersville, North Carolina. They are one of the fastest growing building maintenance providers in the southeast, operating in many facilities from the Triad to the coast of South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.

The Challenge

Sensational Touch Janitorial was looking for a distribution partner to provide product solutions, programs and guidance to help grow the business. A Home Depot Pro Account Executive presented Home Depot Pro many capabilities including a full array of JanSan and MRO products to help expand their business, plus supply chain solutions and e-commerce capabilities to make Sensational Touch more productive and efficient.

The Solution

The program that received the most attention was the SupplyWorks In-Site™ program for building service contractors. SupplyWorks In-Site™ is a proprietary program designed to make BSC's more productive, healthier, safer and greener, while reducing total operating costs by as much as 30%. The SupplyWorks In-Site™ program includes a comprehensive audit and review of products and procedures, training for staff on best cleaning practices, certification and follow up improvement measures.

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The Result

As a result of the gradual implementation of the program over the course of the last 5 months, Sensational Touch has begun to reduce operating costs.

Now that Sensational Touch has brought Home Depot Pro in as their distribution partner, they have expanded their product offering to include food service, laundry and many MRO categories like HVAC and Lighting.

"I have had to turn down opportunities for consumables and maintenance in the past because I did not have the distribution partner support. With Home Depot Pro, I am now focusing on this and other items I would not have considered in the past. I am finding solid profit in this and am very excited to continue going back to my existing clients and offering them services I previously could not offer."

Michelle Durham
Chief Executive Officer
Sensational Touch Janitorial

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