Saving Money and Looking Good in the Process

Kingston Independent School District is like many school districts across the United States. Resources are tight so stretching every dollar is important. Staff productivity is important, understanding the labor component of their operating costs far exceeds the materials cost. Finally the school district image is important for the school administrators but also for all the teachers, students and parents within that district.

Mike Hobbs is the Custodian Director at Kingston Independent School District. Mike asked Joe Bob Margraves and the team from Home Depot Pro to respond to his request for ways to reduce operating costs while enhancing the image of the district's facilities.

Joe Bob recommended that the district consider becoming part of SupplyWorks In-Site program. SupplyWorks In-Site is a total cost management solution that is free to Home Depot Pro customers. The program includes a thorough audit of current materials purchased and a review of cleaning practices. The district's results are mapped against best cleaning practices across the United States and the district is given a scoring grade. Recommendations based on the audit include a materials upgrade, as well as a robust training component to improve productivity. Mike and his team can go online and see who from his staff has completed training as well as leverage the comprehensive set of ordering, planning and analytic capabilities that can be found on

Joe Bob Margraves and his team also recommended Mike consider joining U.S. Communities and enjoy the purchasing power that thousands of members enjoy annually without the expensive and time consuming need to put materials purchasing out for bid on a regular basis.

The Home Depot Pro Success Story - Kingston

Finally, the Home Depot Pro team leveraged the professionals at Gojo to help come up with an optimum solution. Gojo recommended and installed custom logoed dispensers for the restroom dispensers. All the staff very impressed with the new logo dispensers. The belief of the staff was that the new dispensers created a better image for the schools and more interest in hand washing.

Mike Hobbs is very happy with the results to date since he incorporated the plan from Home Depot Pro. "We have reduced our labor costs by 75% and our material costs by 40% since implementing the SupplyWorks In-Site program, joining US Communities and switching to Gojo products."

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The Home Depot Pro Success Story - Kingston