Spring School Cleaning Checklist

Spring Break School Cleaning

Optimize Your Spring Break Cleaning

Use a spring break cleaning plan to capitalize on the time your students and staff are on vacation. Even with regular janitorial services, education facilities accumulate wear and dirt from hundreds of visitors each day. A deep cleaning routine over spring break is an ideal way to restore your facility for the remainder of the year.

Pressure Wash Entryways

Scrub the entryways and the main hallways to remove built-up dirt.

Disinfect High-Traffic Areas

Combat the common cold and flu at your school by disinfecting all common areas.

Sanitize and Restock Restrooms

Refill your inventory of bathroom necessities and sanitize all restroom fixtures.

Restore Floors

Extend the life of your hard surface floors and carpeting with deep cleaning and maintenance.

Refresh Trash Containers

Eliminate the grime that builds up on the inside of your trash containers.

Want More Help With Commercial Cleaning for Schools?

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