Stockwise Shop Management Program

Shop Management Program

The Home Depot Pro SMP Includes:

  • A Home Depot Pro Project Manager and Sales Professional(s) Facilitating the Implementation of the program
  • Special Bin Boxes (Corrugated/Plastic) with Computer-Generated Color-Coded Bin Labels to Help Create and Manage Orders Easily
  • Shopping Lists and Easy Order Forms Developed for Each Location
  • Quarterly Spending Reports Provided for Each Asset, including Metrics for Continuous Improvement
  • Detailed Product Analysis to Help Determine Which Products Are Best Suited for Each Location
  • Customized Offerings That May include Consignment of Inventory

 Shop Management Program (SMP)

Major Benefits of the Home Depot Pro SMP include:

  • Increased Employee Productivity and Safety
  • Optimal Inventory Levels with Established Min/Max
  • Dramatic Reduction in Inventory Carrying Cost
  • Decrease in Inventory Shrinkage
  • Enhancement of the Overall Image and Appearance of Your Facility
  • Additional Order Efficiency Utilizing Supplyware

To learn more about the Stock Management Program, contact your Account Executive.

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