Severe Weather Preparedness Guide

Severe Weather Preparedness For Facilities

Save your business time and money with our top five severe weather preparedness tips for offices, hospitals, schools, hotels and other commercial buildings. When a disaster is inclement, follow this severe weather safety guide to help ensure the security of your patrons, facilities and businesses.

1. Do a Risk Assessment

Conduct a risk assessment around your property to identify potential hazards if an emergency occurs. Dated weather stripping, pipe insulation or fire extinguishers can all become issues during a storm. Minimize the damage potential on your property by addressing maintenance concerns.

2. Start a Severe Weather Preparedness Checklist

Download our severe weather preparedness checklist to organize the equipment and product inventory you need to prepare for an emergency. Should natural disaster recovery become necessary, the checklist will also guide your clean-up and repair process.

Once your list is finalized, utilize our emergency resource categories below to find what to buy to prepare for a storm.

severe weather checklist
severe weather quiz

3. Prepare Your Property

Protect your property and people by creating a list of areas to prepare based on your risk assessment. Tie down loose objects such as waste containers and exterior signs, secure windows and doors and test emergency lighting and alarms. Designate safety areas for staff and guests, and run emergency drills with so they will know how to respond to emergency alerts.

4. Develop a Natural Disaster Recovery Plan

Create a natural disaster recovery plan that includes continuity steps for your business before a storm hits. Form a comprehensive plan on how to repair property and return to business as usual, and then share your complete plan with employees. The better your staff understand their roles and the more comprehensive your plan, the quicker you can return to normal operations. Use our Severe Weather Cleanup Checklist to help.

5. Use Your Storm Resources

Government organizations, such as The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), are available to assist you in preparing and recovering from severe weather effectively. Check out their emergency preparation resources, including tool kits, weather alerts and more at


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