Resources for Safe Reopening of Schools

Resources for Safe Reopening of Schools

Prepare for school reopening with education relief funds. We’ve highlighted helpful resources, insights and essential products aligned with the new CDC recommendations. Whether your school is stocking up on PPE and cleaning supplies, looking for facility enhancements or seeking full-service solutions, The Home Depot Pro can help you optimize the safety of your learning environments.

Education Relief Funds

The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) provides nearly $68 billion to help schools prepare to return safely to the classroom using the recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

These relief funds have been distributed to each state for local disbursement, with allocations based on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Title-IA. Funds can be used for any purpose allowed under federal laws for education, including:

  • Providing resources that principals need to address coronavirus at their schools
  • Supporting school district efforts to improve preparedness
  • Training staff on the best ways to sanitize schools and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Purchasing PPE and the supplies needed to clean and disinfect schools
  • Repairing school facilities, especially ventilation systems, to improve air quality and reduce the spread of COVID-19

In addition to ESSER funding and the 2020 CARES act funding, the recent signing of the American Rescue Plan will provide an additional $122 billion, distributed among the 50 states for local disbursement, to help schools safely reopen.

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CDC K-12 Operational School Strategy

To support safe reopening efforts, the CDC recently released a K-12 Operational School Strategy, which includes five key mitigation strategies1. Use our helpful tips and resources, within each of the five strategies below, to help your school implement these recommendations.

1. Universal and correct use of masks

  • Encourage use of and provide face coverings for students and staff, including masks or face shields
  • Ensure appropriate fit by following CDC recommendations that you wear a mask that:
    • Has 2 or more layers
    • Has a nose wire
    • Fits snugly against the side of your face
    • Is made for children when used on kids

Did you know?

  • A single cough can travel up to 50 mph and expel nearly 3,000 droplets of saliva and mucus.
  • A sneeze can travel up to 100 mph and dispense around 100,000 droplets.2
  • Wearing a mask helps reduce risk of airborne infection.

2. Physical distancing

  • Implement 6-foot distancing between student desks, in cafeteria seating and in common areas like hallways and restrooms
  • Install protective barriers where it is difficult to stay 6 feet apart, including sneeze guards, desk shields, sink dividers and cafeteria table dividers
  • Provide clear visual distancing queues and guidelines with the use of signage and social distancing tapes

According to the CDC:

  • Children can be infected and get sick with COVID-19, and can spread the virus to others.3
  • Physical distancing can help minimize risk of spread.

3. Handwashing and respiratory etiquette

Why switch to sensor faucets? Sensor faucets:

  • Eliminate a touch point for contamination
  • Save water when compared to a standard manual bathroom faucet
  • Elevate the overall look of a restroom

4. Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities

  • Cleaning and disinfection
    • The CDC recommends a two-step cleaning and disinfecting process4. Increase frequency of cleaning and disinfecting on highly-touched surfaces (e.g., playground equipment, door handles, sink handles, drinking fountains).
  • Air purification

Did you know?

  • The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that nearly 50% of school buildings in more than 40% of school districts need to replace their HVAC system6

5. Collaborating with the health department on combining contact tracing with isolation and quarantine

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Additional Reopening Resources

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