Sanitize Your Disinfection Process

Protect Patients and Staff from Surface Bacteria

Did you know that your laundered cleaning cloths and towels could be helping bacteria thrive on your hospital's surfaces? According to The American Journal of Infection Control's recent study, live bacteria remains on cloths and towels a majority of the time, putting patients at risk of contracting an HAI (healthcare-associated infection).

This fact is significant because 1 out of every 20 patients contracts an HAI each year. In fact, HAIs are 1 of the top 10 leading causes of death nationwide.

The Study's Findings

  • 93% of Sampled Towels Contained Live Bacteria
    • E. Coli, Coliforms Linked to Feces, and Pneumonia-Associated Bacteria
  • 67% of Tested Soak Buckets Harbored Bacteria
  • Cotton Towels Reduced Disinfectant Strength by up to 85%

Kimtech's® Solution

You can eliminate the unnecessary growth of bacteria in your hospital with Kimtech dry prep wipers for bleach disinfectants and sanitizers. These prep wipers, when combined with the WETTASK* refillable system and your own cleaning chemicals, make your hospital's surface sanitizing system safer and more efficient.

More Reasons to Choose Kimtech

  • Ideal Alternative to Using an Open Bucket and Rag
  • Enclosed System Helps Avoid Wiper and Solution Contamination
  • Reduced Exposure to Chemical Vapors and Splash
  • Compatible with Bleach, Quaternary Amine Disinfectants, and Sanitizers
  • Free Disposable WETTASK* Bucket in Every Case

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