Safely Disinfect

Safely Disinfect & Improve the Health of Your Spaces

Keeping your property sanitized and disinfected can help prevent the spread of germs while improving the overall perception of your spaces.

Use these sanitizing and disinfecting tips to help prevent the spread of germs and improve cleanliness.

1. Use Wet Floor Signs

Help protect visitors from potential injuries or slip and falls by using 'Closed for Cleaning' and wet floor signs. Keep safety signs on recently cleaned solid-surface floors until they are completely dry before removing.

2. Use Personal Protection

Use personal protection equipment (PPE), like gloves, splash guards and safety goggles, when handling potentially harmful chemicals and contaminants. Properly train cleaning teams on the use of eye wash stations and first aid kits should they come in contact with any hazardous materials.

3. Know Your Products

Review product labels before using any cleaning chemicals or solutions. Follow the manufacturers' directions to ensure proper use and dilution. Pay close attention as cleaningand disinfecting products can have different contact times required to work effectively.

4. Disinfect & Sanitize Surfaces

Disinfect all surfaces thoroughly and frequently, paying particular attention to high-touch zones. Keep a fully stocked cleaning cart with cleaning tools and supplies to improve efficiency for cleaning teams. Be sure you have the products for every cleaning task, including restroom disinfectants, food-grade sanitizers or innovative electrostatic sprayers.

5. Control Indoor Air Pollution

Improve indoor air quality (IAQ) to help reduce airborne pathogens. Change air filters regularly, use air purifiers and install odor-neutralizing solutions to help keep your air contaminant free.

NEW: Electrostatic Sprayers

NEW: Electrostatic Sprayers

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Increase Productivity

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