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Use your Home Depot Pro account to make purchases at The Home Depot® with the ProPurchase™ card. Check out what some of our customers are saying about how ProPurchase improves the way they do business with us.

ProPurchase cards have enabled my technicians to spend more time on the job to get projects completed faster. If materials are needed there is a Home Depot nearby, and we see the invoice almost immediately so appropriate charges can be charged back to the client. We also see trends on what our employees are purchasing. This helps us manage our inventory so we can buy frequently-purchased items in bulk to keep in stock at our shop. Saving us time and money. Mary Ann O'Hare - Owner, Miracle Method
We use the ProPurchase program primarily for major appliance purchases, where The Home Depot is delivering to our units and hauling away old appliances, which isn’t currently available at our nearest warehouse. We’ve also recently started purchasing cabinetry via our ProPurchase account, another category that we are able to add to our product assortment thanks to The Home Depot partnership. ProPurchase provides great added value to our business. Ryan Lithgo - Senior Project Coordinator, Champion Construction Management
We use our ProPurchase cards daily and love the way they give us the ability to track expenses. We appreciate the ease of using them at many Home Depot store locations scattered over 12 states, by many employees. We like that we can set spend levels for each employee and have complete control over our spending. Every serious construction company should use a ProPurchase card. Dean Beaulieu - Fike Industrial Construction, LLC

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