Account - credit account established by The Home Depot Pro pursuant to Your request to purchase products and services offered at The Home Depot® U.S. retail stores and online at

Account Administrator - person designated by the Account Owner to administer access to Card(s) and/or to modify the Available Credit accessible to Authorized Users

Account Owner - the person or legal entity liable for transactions on the Account

Authorized User - any person designated by the Account Owner or Account Administrator to use a Card or any person otherwise in possession of Your Card

Available Credit - amount of open credit on Your Account

Card - one or more plastic cards that allow You and the Authorized User(s) to access Your Available Credit to purchase select goods and services, and to rent tools and trucks when shopping Online and at Stores

Store - The Home Depot retail stores in the United States

Online - refers to

We, Us and Our - Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. d/b/a The Home Depot Pro

You, Your and Yours - Account Owner

Your Account

You agree that these Terms and Conditions govern the use of the Card(s). The Account Owner is responsible for all transactions made with the Card(s).

Administrator. An email will be sent, to the email address provided by You, each time the Card is used on purchases. The Account Administrator or Account Owner may request the activation or deactivation of a Card, and may limit access to the Card(s). The Administrator or Account Owner may also request spending limits or modifications to the spending limit for each Card by calling the Customer Service team at 1-800-401-7299.

Available Credit. All purchases made using Your Card(s) will decrease Your Available Credit. If a Card transaction will cause You to exceed Your Available Credit, the Card transaction may be declined and/or the Card may be deactivated at Our discretion. To request an increase to Your Available Credit, please call the Customer Service team at 1-800-401-7299.

Authorized User. You may request multiple Cards for Your Account. Any individual who presents Your Card at checkout will be allowed to complete the transaction if there is sufficient Available Credit. You are responsible for all charges made using the Card(s).

Billing. Purchases made with the Card will appear on Your Account invoice. Each Card transaction will appear as "The Home Depot In-Store Purchase" or " Purchase" on the applicable invoice.

Your Card

The Card provides access to Your Account for purchases made at Stores and Online. The Card is not a debit or credit card. Use of the Card and participation in this Program is optional, and the Program can be suspended or terminated at any time in the sole discretion of Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., the issuer of the Card.

Usage. The Card is valid for select purchases made at Stores and Online. At checkout in Store, simply swipe your card to complete the transaction. If You use self-checkout in Store, select the credit button to complete the transaction. At checkout Online, enter in Your Card credentials to complete the transaction.

At this time...

  • the Card cannot be used to purchase gift cards
  • Purchases made using the Card are NOT eligible for any The Home Depot Pro discounts, rebates or special pricing
  • A unique 3-digit pin is located on the back of the Card for security purposes and for use in checkout in Store or Online

Returns. Any item purchased using a Card can be returned to a Store or by calling The Home Depot Pro Customer Support at 800-525-5000. To make an In-Store return, You will need to present either the original purchase receipt or Your Card. To make a return through The Home Depot Pro Customer Support, you will need to have Your Card and order number available. When an item is returned, the refunded amount will be credited to the Available Credit within one (1) banking day.

Lost or Stolen. If Your Card is lost or stolen or You suspect fraud on Your Account, You must immediately notify the Customer Service team at 1-800-401-7299 to request Card deactivation. When You call, we may require You to provide information to help Our investigation. We may require You to provide this information in writing. For example, we may ask You to identify any charges that were not made by You or someone authorized by You.

Additional or Replacement Card. If You are interested in obtaining additional Cards or if Your Card is damaged, defective or otherwise not working, please call the Purchase Program Customer Service team at 1-800-401-7299.

Contact Us

For questions regarding your Account or the Card, please call the Customer Service team at 800-401-7299.