Creating a Healthy Office Environment with GP PRO

When employees and patrons are safe and healthy, they’re happier and more productive. GP PRO’s innovative products make good hygiene practically automatic, so performance isn’t compromised. Read more to see how GP PRO is innovating to improve workspaces and help clean teams provide safe, clean environments for your building’s occupants.

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Office Densification & Its Impacts During Cold & Flu Season

As businesses grow and expand, the number of employees occupying office spaces continues to increase. With lease prices rising, however, many companies aim to control costs by reducing the footprint of each worker. In fact, the average workspace per person in America has dropped from 225 to roughly 150 square feet in the last several years.1 Effective cleaning and sanitation is more important than ever with employees working in close proximity to each other, especially during cold and flu season.

Preventing Illness in the Office to Protect Your Bottom Line

With frequent coughing, sneezing and germs spreading on commonly touched surfaces, it's no surprise that illness spreads easily throughout the workplace during cold and flu season. The economic burden of influenza and other health-related losses in office productivity is staggering. Understanding the potential impacts and taking steps to control and prevent the spread of illness-inducing germs and bacteria can help in creating a healthy and productive workplace, while protecting your bottom line.

Infographic by GP PRO on preventing illness in the office
Infographic by GP PRO on the top 10 germ hot spots in an office environment

Top 10 Germ Hot Spots in the Office

Oh, our beloved office buildings — where big decisions are made, creative thinking takes place and innovative ideas come to life. It’s also where illness-causing germs lurk on every surface imaginable. That’s right, commonly touched surfaces are often coated in germs that can easily spread among employees to cause illness and lost productivity. Check out these top germ hotspots in your workplace to learn where to focus your building’s sanitation and disinfection efforts during cold and flu season.

1CoreNet Global Office Survey 2015-2016

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