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Products & Tips to Maintain Pools Year-Round

A property amenity that always attracts guests and residents is the swimming pool. It takes a lot of work to keep your swimming pools clean, safe and maintained year-round, which is why we make sure you have the products and tips needed to make it as easy as possible. From brushes to chemicals, we provide everything you need to keep your swimming pool open and safe.

6 Steps for a Proper Pool Care Routine

Step 1: Test

Test your pool water’s balance.

Step 2: Balance

Add the right amount of balancer for softer water.

Step 3: Sanitize

Eliminate bacteria and algae.

Step 4: Shock

Remove buildup of chlorine and other contaminants for crystal-clear water.

Step 5: Add Algaecide

Prevent algae from coming back.

Step 6: De-Stain Surfaces

Get rid of unsightly stains.

quality chemcals

Quality Chemicals at a Great Value

Maintain your pools year-round with our assortment of ProGuard® pool chemicals. From sanitizers and shocks to balancers and specialty products, these solutions help you prevent and fi x pool water issues. They’re available in affordable bulk sizes, making pool care easier and better for your bottom line.


A Complete Portfolio of Spa Products

Keep spas clean and sanitized with Spa Time® hot tub chemicals. From bromine for water sanitization to pH balancers and specialty products for common issues, Spa Time has the solutions you need to keep your hot tub safe and ready for relaxation.

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