Convert to LED

The cost of LEDs has lowered substantially, and it’s the ideal time to convert. Save money, energy and time by choosing long-lasting LED bulbs over incandescent lights.

Material Costs

Material Costs

Facility managers will buy fewer replacement bulbs because 1 LED bulb is equal to 25 incandescent bulbs.

Energy Costs

Energy Costs

Use the energy efficiency chart below to determine the amount LEDs can save you in energy costs.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance Costs

LEDs have superior color stability and lumen maintenance, which extend the lifetime of the bulb and reduce the need for replacements.

Recycling Costs

Recycling Costs

LEDs cut the costs of removal and disposal of end-of-life lamps, ballasts, luminaries and components.

TIP: Achieve greater efficiency at your facility by installing occupancy sensors and/or dimmers.

Traditional Incandescent, CFL & LED Light Bulb Comparison

Traditional Incandescent, CFL and LED Light Bulb Comparison Chart

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