Onvation Restroom Management System

Onvation: A Partnership Featuring Scott and Purell

Onvation: Pioneering Smart Restroom Management

Reduce tenant complaints, save on supplies and transform the way your restrooms are managed with the Onvation Restroom Management System. Onvation proudly features Scott® and PURELL® products, two leading brands in smart sensing technologies. This partnership provides a powerful, singular tool to monitor towel, tissue, soap and sanitizer dispensers, delivering dynamic statistics beyond empty and full. Make the smart switch. Improve the restrooms you manage, increase satisfaction and reduce costs with Onvation.

How Does the Onvation System Work?

  1. Embedded Scott® and PURELL® smart sensors send data to the Cloud through a secure network
  2. The Cloud gathers and stores the data
  3. Text messages are sent to the cleaning team alerting them of immediate replenishment needs
  4. Resolution messages are sent once action is taken
  5. A dashboard hosts key metrics, insights and opportunities to improve efficiency
The Onvation System

Learn the Benefits of Onvation

With Onvation, you'll receive great benefits including:

  • Reduce restroom-related complaints and work orders by up to 75%
  • Reduce consumable waste by up to 80%
  • Reduce waste and boost sustainability by minimizing the amount of product discarded prematurely to avoid run outs
  • Get real-time data and alerts
  • Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI) in the first year of service
Onvation Benefits

What Dispensing Systems Are Compatible?

Scott® Pro Mod® Hard Roll Towel System

The Scott® Pro Mod® Hard Roll Towel System is the most efficient hard roll towel system on the market. It offers three towel options, including an 1,150′ towel, and a stub-roll feature that delivers up to 9% annual savings. Its customizable settings help control consumption. Our Absorbency Pockets Technology helps reduce usage and costs, while delivering a superior hand-drying experience.

Scott Pro Mod Hard Roll Towel Dispenser
Scott® Pro Mod® Hard Roll Towel Dispenser
Scott Pro Plus+ High Capacity Hard Roll Towel
Scott® Pro Plus+ High Capacity Hard Roll Towel
Scott Pro Plus+ High Capacity Hard Roll Towel
Scott® Pro Plus+ High Capacity Hard Roll Towel

Scott® Coreless Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue System

This two-ply, 1,000 sheet tissue uses proprietary coreless technology that eliminates waste. It's guaranteed to save at least 10% annually. Optimize labor time and unwanted waste with a system that's easy to load and maintain. It has all the benefits of standard roll bathroom tissue with almost twice the length.

Scott Pro Coreless SRB Tissue Dispenser
Scott® Pro Coreless SRB Tissue Dispenser
Scott Essential Coreless SRB Tissue
Scott® Essential Coreless SRB Tissue

PURELL® ES8 Hand Hygiene System

Hand Hygiene That's Always Ready Breakthrough Energy-on-the-Refill Technology – Each refill comes with a coin cell battery that's integrated into the refill. Touch-free dispensing without the hassle of battery change outs. AT-A-GLANCE™ Refill Design – Easily monitor product level with one quick glance, saving time and labor and eliminating complaints around empty dispensers.

PURELL<sup>®</sup> ES8 Soap Dispenser
PURELL® ES8 Soap Dispenser
PURELL<sup>®</sup> Professional HEALTHY SOAP<sup>®</sup> Naturally Clean Foam
PURELL® Professional HEALTHY SOAP® Naturally Clean Foam