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Create a Healing Home Environment with Kimberly-Clark Professional*

A common question from acute and even long-term care patients is "When can I go home?" When patients perceive a medical visit to be patient-centered, they experience better recovery and emotional health. Patient-centered care enables faster healing, happier patients and higher HCAHPS scores. Create this healing environment by adding in small touches of home with the help of Kimberly-Clark Professional*.

*Source: Kimberly-Clark Professional. (2017, October). What Makes a Healing Home? Retrieved from:

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Home-like touches in healthcare facilities help patients feel more comfortable and confident in their care. See how little things make a big difference in your patient satisfaction scores.

What Makes a Healing Home?

Learn more about the heart of patient-centered care environments and how trusted and loved brands make a difference in the healing process.


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Learn the specific steps you can take to create a healing home environment in your hospital, acute care facility or long-term care facility when you download Kimberly-Clark Professional's Healthcare Brochure.

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