In-Site Building Service Contractors


Building Service Contractors Today

Building Service Contractors today are under constant pressure to build their brand and grow their business. At the same time today’s Building Service Contractors need to:

  • Keep material costs in check
  • Ensure staff are trained on proper cleaning procedures that save time and are proven effective atmaintaining a clean, healthy and sustainable environment for the buildings they service
  • The latest local, state and federal compliance regulations are adhered to

The SupplyWorks In-Site program is proven to make facilities cleaner, healthier and greener while reducing operating costs by as much as 30%.

SupplyWorks In-Site Program Highlights

  • No cost membership program to SupplyWorks customers
  • Enhances your operational efficiency by developing customized solutions which including benchmarking, best practice training and detailed written procedures
  • Access and unlimited use of all our copyrighted program management solutions and training tools


Five Steps to Success

Step 1Hands On Expertise

Step 2Benchmark Evaluation

Step 3Management Reporting

Step 4Staff Training

Step 5Certification & Ongoing Evaluation

Step 1: Hands-On Expertise

SupplyWorks account executives are industry and product experts. Their role is to guide you through the program process, partner with your team through implementation and measure your company’s progress.


"We have found we are saving money by using the Supplyworks In-Site program in ways we never imagined when we signed up for it. We have found we have increased our efficiencies through several ways. Previously the guys seemed to make 1 to 2 trips per week to go pick up items they had forgotten to have us order. Now, because the managers are creating their orders for their projects through the system, there is no more lost productivity to running to the warehouse for forgotten items.

There are a lot of bill backs to the customers and it was possible for some to slip through the cracks in the past. Now, we never forget to bill a customer for supplies because there is a paper trail reminding us to send the bills."

Melissa Tremblay
Eagle Cleaning Corporation
Worcester, MA

Step 2: Benchmark Evaluation

Our team performs a comprehensive facility assessment to compile the necessary information related to all areas of your client’s buildings. Using a series of process auditing tools, we will identify areas for process improvement and cost savings.


New Building Assessment App
The primary purpose of the assessments is to improve BSC operational effectiveness as both client and SupplyWorks’ consultant respond to the information it provides.

Building assessment app is data-base driven and supports 3 building types:

  • Education Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities

"I have had to turn down opportunities for consumables and maintenance in the past because I did not have the distribution partner support. With Will Rowe and the team at SupplyWorks, I am now focusing on this and other items I would not have considered in the past. I am finding solid profit in this and am very excited to continue going back to my existing clients and offering them services I previously could not offer using the SupplyWorks In-Site for BSCs program."

Paul Durham
Sensational Touch

Step 3: Management Reporting

Our thorough site assessment uncovers actionable data that is used to get you on track to profitability. This data is used to create inspection reports for custodial functions and detailed program analysis for you and your management team.

Building Assesment App
Building Level: Each of the assessments measure key elements of custodial operation specific to building type and provide real time detailed graphic reporting.


Building Assesment App
Group Level: Composite score for each building in group (groups are determined by BSC and/or client) are compared to client average.


"We have been utilizing SupplyWorks In-Site for the last year and a half and couldn’t be more pleased. Our residential/commercial cleaning business has found the chemicals and tools to not only be exceptional, but also fairly priced. This has increased our efficiency and lowered our cost. Their website is extremely easy to navigate and has all tools necessary to track and organize our ordering. Nick Nuttall, our Account Executive, is always there to answer our questions and give suggestions in any area of the SupplyWorks.

How SupplyWorks goes above and beyond, is with their training. This program has not only expanded our training, but has given our Cleaning Technicians a greater confidence in their workmanship. SupplyWorks is not simply a vendor, it is an invaluable resource to our business."

Teresa McKinnon
Clean Results, LLC
Bartlesville, OK

Step 4: Staff On-lineTraining

Our informative and action oriented training sessions are delivered to you online, in a classroom setting or on site. Our training is available bilingually, with online versions that notify program administrators of completion.


Step 5: Certification and Ongoing Evaluation

Achieve one of three levels of certification. Your audit and roadmap for success are always available to you online. We will continue to work with you to achieve even higher levels of certification.