Schools of Illinois
Public Cooperative and
SupplyWorks In-Site™ for Education

Budgets are shrinking, expectations are not. If you’re looking for changes to reduce your operating costs and enhance the health and safety of your school, choose the SupplyWorks In-Site™ for Education program. SupplyWorks In-Site for Education is a proven cost-managed program that aligns the standards for green cleaning, products, processes, and equipment with staff training and management practices into a simple, easy-to-use certification.

Read below to learn how members of the Schools of Illinois Public Cooperative (SIPC) are improving operational and procurement effectiveness to lower cost, improve the health and safety of their school buildings, and lessen the impact of custodial activities on the environment.

Insite Building

The Organization

The SIPC was founded in 2003 with the stewardship of Southern Illinois University to advance the concept of cooperative purchasing and shared services as means of leveraging the combined spend of public schools.

The Challenge

There are considerable challenges surrounding cleaning school buildings today: declining budgets, staff turnover, state green cleaning mandates, and increasing public health awareness. The latter is fueled by mounting evidence that clearly indicates a direct correlation linking the health of school buildings to the wellness of students and teachers, as well as poor academic and occupational performance.

"With declining budgets and new state regulations, we realized we needed to drive value through procurement activities – both in terms of spend efficiency and sustainable building effectiveness. We needed to find a partner with the knowledge and capability to provide a comprehensive green cleaning program centered on optimizing the money the schools spend on direct inputs (cleaning products & equipment), indirect expenses (source to settle operational costs), and labor (enterprise wide)."

"SupplyWorks In-Site™ for Education Program is much more than another source for purchasing supplies at a great value. It is a partnership that helped us implement sustainable cleaning procedures and provided an excellent resource for expertise that has helped us reduce operational costs by 30 percent."

Supt. Tim Buss
SIPC Board Member

Green Saves Green

SIPC and SupplyWorks In-Site for Education

The SIPC published a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a comprehensive green cleaning program. The framework for the award-winning proposal was the proprietary SupplyWorks In-Site™ for Education Program. SupplyWorks In-Site™ for Education currently services 4,000 educational facilities in Illinois and nationwide. It focuses on improving the health and safety of school buildings, while reducing total operational cost with the standardization of products, processes, and procedures.

The Solution

Results were achieved utilizing in-field consultants and a comprehensive training curriculum, and included labor and sustainability benchmarking. The consultants conducted building audits to analyze, identify, and implement the most effective solutions. They utilized benchmarking processes and quantitative reporting to track each member’s progress in reaching budgetary and sustainability goals. Home Depot Pro provided classroom, worksite, and automated online training on subject matter pertaining to green cleaning, including restroom cleaning, hard floor care, stone care, carpet care, and health and safety.

Insite Infographic

The Results

SupplyWorks In-Site™ for Education provided clarity of cost drivers, operating cost savings up to 30%, cultural awareness, immediate cost control stabilization, and waste elimination.

As a result of partnering with Home Depot Pro, the human health score of member school buildings has improved dramatically with more than 85% of SIPC members achieving green cleaning certification.

To learn more please visit our Insite for Education page.


"One of the best operational decisions I have made as a Director of Buildings and Grounds was engaging in SupplyWorks In-Site™ for Education. Home Depot Pro has been instrumental in helping develop and implement our green cleaning standards. The awards program goes far in community and school board education and recognition."

Ken Roiland
SIPC Board Chairman