Increasing Productivity for BSCs

Building Service Contractors continually face many business challenges, including increased competition, tighter margins and more competitive diversification of services. These challenges make finding ways to improve efficiency and productivity more important than ever. Use our productivity tips to stay on top and keep your customers satisfied.

REMOVEof BACTERIA99%99%Cotton removes only 30% of bacteria, but microfiber cloths,dusting tools and mops for faster, more effective cleaning.
JOBSEASIERCOMPLETERenown® cleaning equipment, such as caddybags, grabbing tools, long-handle scrapers and squeegees, helps youand faster than ever.
PREPAREFASTERwith RenownReady-to-Cleanchemicals that do notrequire mixing or diluting. You can also use the Renown SureBlenddilution control system for easy, accurate refills that get you back on the job quickly.
CLEANFASTER50%5XConvert to cordlessvacuums tothan with traditional corded upright vacuums.*
From inventory management solutions to daily maintenance auditing systems, we have customizable solutions to fit your facility's needs.IMPROVEPRODUCTIVITY& REDUCE COSTS BYAS MUCH AS 30%
CLEANFASTER50%50%Use stand-on equipmenton solid-surface floors tothan on a walk-behind scrubber.*


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