Diversey J-Fill® Dispensing Systems:
Good for the Environment & Your Bottom Line

Diversey J-Fill® chemical dispensing systems provide precise chemical dispensing for safer, more efficient dilution control. With more than 40 cleaning chemicals and multiple dispenser options available, J-Fill delivers a complete solution for your facility's janitorial needs.

In addition to being cost-effective, Diversey J-Fill dispensing systems help contribute to your sustainability program. J-Fill's green properties include:

  • Super- and hyper-concentrates that reduce packaging and solid waste disposal/recycling. One J-Fill bottle at 1:256 will generate 170 gallons of cleaning solution.
  • Significantly less storage, handling, and packaging costs per diluted gallon than conventional packaging.
  • Packaging made from some recycled plastic. The entire packaging is 100% recyclable after bottle is empty.
  • Green Seal™-certified restroom, floor, and glass cleaners that support your green cleaning program.


Green Seal™-Certified J-Fill® Chemicals

Room Care™ R9 Acidic Bathroom Cleaner, 84.5 oz.

Item # JWP95722424

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Stride® Citrus HC Neutral Cleaner, 2.5 L, 2 per Case

Item # JWP904716

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Stride® Fragrance-Free Neutral Cleaner, 2.5 L, 2 per Case

Item # JWP94240626

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Prominence™ Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner, 2.5 L, 2 per Case

Item # JWP94996466

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Perdiem General-Purpose Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide, 2.5 L, 2 per Case

Item # JWP95613252

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Glance® Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner, Blue, 2.5 L, 2 per Case

Item # JWP93172641

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Stride® Floral HC Neutral Cleaner, 84.5 oz.

Item # JWP904717

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Crew Bathroom Cleaner & Scale Remover, 2.5 L, 2 per Case

Item # JWP93172650

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Alpha-HP® Multi-Surface Cleaner

Item # JWP3401512

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Pro Strip SC High-Efficiency Floor Stripper, 2.5 L, Case of 2

Item # JWP5547355-C

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Room Care™ R3 Plus Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner, 84.5 oz., 2 per Case

Item # JWP95722109

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