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Fiberglass HVACFilters

Fiberglass Air Filters

The lowest price air filter style available with generally has a very low filter efficiency / MERV rating and does not last long. Greater need for replenishment. Minimal protection of coils / equipment and no IAQ protection for humans. Works in most common applications.

pleated HVAC filter

Pleated Air Filters

Highest volume air filter style. Provides good protection of HVAC coils and equipment and higher MERV options up to MERV 13 are available to provide enhanced levels of IAQ for the building inhabitant's health and productivity. Works in most common applications.

carbon HVAC filter

Carbon (Pleated) Filters

Carbon filters provide the removal of common odors such as cooking odors from the air. Combo pleats with carbon and MERV ratings are like two filters in one. Provides particulate removal to protect coils and gas removal to improve IAQ. Works in most common applications where there's a need for odor and particulate removal.

HEPA HVAC filter

HEPA Filters

Designed to replace traditional standard capacity and high-capacity HEPA filters and provide better air flow. Applications include pharmaceutical, medical, food processing industries, contamination cleanup and hospitals. They can also be used as pre-filters in cleanroom environments and other critical applications for final HEPA and ULPA filters. They have a 99.97% and 99.99% efficiency rating.

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