Tips to Make Housekeeping's Job Easier

Known as the unsung heroes of the hospitality industry, housekeeping staff are often considered a hotel's most valuable asset. With each housekeeper cleaning thousands of rooms a year, lifting hundreds of pounds in mattresses each day and directly influencing guests' perception of the property, it's no wonder why.

Use the tools and training tips below to recognize and thank your staff for jobs well done—and help them clean safer and more efficiently in the long run.

Housekeeper wearing gloves while cleaning with chemicals

Provide Personal Protection Gear

Often-overlooked tools for housekeeping staff include kneepads and other protective gear. Scrubbing floors on your hands and knees can take a serious toll on anyone's joints—try doing it anywhere from 13 to 30 times a day! Close proximity to cleaning chemicals day in and day out also comes with the job, so always keeping gloves and face masks on cleaning carts can go a long way toward showing staff you care.

Two housekeepers doing hotel laundry

Reduce Repetitive Motion Injuries

Providing proper training can significantly reduce the chance of repetitive motion injuries while on the job. Simple practices outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in their "Housekeepers: Practices to Improve Health and Safety using Ergonomics" handout can make common housekeeping tasks easier, reduce pain and the chance for long-term injury, and result in better-quality work.

Housekeeper pushing a stocked cleaning cart down hotel hallway

Keep a Stocked Cart

Stocking housekeeping carts with the right cleaning products and equipment can drastically improve productivity. Many carts may be stocked with the right tools initially, but don't get replenished with quality replacements. Audit your cleaning carts and stockrooms regularly for gaps in your inventory, duplicative products and equipment that needs to be replaced for happier and more efficient housekeepers. Need help managing your hotel's inventory? Explore our StockWise® Inventory Management Solutions today.

Housekeeper standing next to a vacuum outside a hotel room

Invest in a Quality Vacuum

Think of how many square feet are vacuumed on your property every day. Now multiply that by 365 days a year! A poorly functioning vacuum can drastically slow down housekeeping, cause chronic back strain or injury, and leave guests questioning the cleanliness of your property. Budgeting for quality new vacuums when needed is one of the easiest ways to thank housekeeping for all they do for your property.