Spring Cleaning Tips for Hotel & Lodging Facilities

Spring is the season to remove winter’s leftover dirt and debris for a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for your guests.

Use this list of handy spring cleaning tips to help your property shine this spring.

Spring Cleaning Infographic - Hospitality HVAC TAKE CAREOF AC UNITS Before warmer days arrive, inspect PTAC units, wash filters, and clean coils. Regular cleaning can help units be more efficient and last almost twice as long in typical hotel and motel settings - saving money and preventing allergies and unpleasant odors for your guests.
Spring Cleaning Infographic - Hospitality Bed Bug & Pest Control BED BUG & PEST CONTROL Carefully inspect your building to identify any gaps and holes where critters can gain access this spring, then treat your building with high-quality pest treatments to fully protect your property and guests.
Spring Cleaning Infographic - Hospitality Floor Cleaning FLOOR CLEANING& CARPET CARE Cleaning and rejuvenating solid suface floors after a season of harsh winds, snow, and rain will improve the image and safety of your lobby and entry areas. Shampooing carpets in your guest rooms and common areas can improve indoor air quality and extend the life of carpeting.
Spring Cleaning Infographic - Hospitality Window Cleaning WINDOWCLEANING Wash all windows and remove and wash window screens after the buildup of winter’s sleet, snow, and dirt to show guests you take pride in your building’s appearance.
Spring Cleaning Infographic - Hospitality Pressure Washing PRESSUREWASHING Pressure wash exterior surfaces, walls, sidewalks, parking lots, pool decks, outdoor furniture, and hardscaping to remove weather stains, mineral deposits, and ice melt stains— and make a positive first impression on guests.
Spring Cleaning Infographic - Hospitality Outdoor Cleaning OUTDOORCLEANING Put the finishing touches on your spring cleaning by sprucing up outdoor areas with waste cleanup and asphalt repair, including:Clearing debris from gutters and pools• Removing landscaping debris• Picking up trash & pet wasteRepair potholes in parking lots