Hospitality Products

Is Your Hotel Ready for Peak Travel Season?

More guests and more frequent room turns mean running through key products quicker. Stock up on essential items now, as your housekeeping staff gets busier.

Remotes & Batteries

Remotes get broken or lost with increased occupants and room turnover—and they're known to be the dirtiest item in a hotel room! Stock up on universal Clean Remotes that are spill-proof, and that have an easy wipe-flat surface to save housekeeping important cleaning time. Be sure to also stock up on batteries at unbeatable prices to keep your remotes powered up all season.

In-Room Guest Supplies

Don't run out of the key in-room items your guests are using every day. Keep rooms stocked with guest room service items like:

Keep bathrooms stocked with leading personal care amenity collections, including shampoo, conditioner, and body and face soaps. Go a step beyond for your guests by offering:

Cleaning Essentials

If your rooms are overflowing this summer, your pool will be too. Keep your water crystal clear no matter how many swimmers are bringing sunscreen, dirt, and oil into your pool by stocking up on essential pool chemicals. Then be sure housekeeping is prepared for washing higher volumes of pool and room linens by stocking up on laundry supplies today.

Light Bulbs & Fixtures

Don't leave your guests in the dark when light bulbs burn out. Stock up on lights and consider switching to LEDs to reduce the number of replacement bulbs you need to buy. With one LED bulb equaling 25 incandescent bulbs, this change saves on energy costs, stock room space, and maintenance time!