Easy Image Upgrades for Your Lodging Facility

Put your best foot forward with guests by making any of these four easy upgrades to improve your property's image.

USB Receptacles

USB Receptacles

As guests continue to bring more USB-powered devices with them when they travel, USB charging availability has become one of the top-requested items in the lodging market. Upgrade standard outlets to all-encompassing USB charging solutions in your lobbies, common areas, and guest rooms to easily improve your image and provide a better guest experience.

Desk & Table Lamps with Charging Outlets

Meet this top travel concern while also offering high-end design. Upgrade standard desk and bedside table lamps to lamps with USB and traditional charging ports so guests never have to sacrifice lighting to keep their multiple devices charged. Rocker switches located on the bases of the lamps also keep guests from fumbling to turn lamps on and off.

LED Table Lamps

Standout Linens

Two of the most-common guest room complaints are related to cleanliness and bed comfort. Bring in crisp, new bedding and fluffy bath towels to replace discolored or fraying bed and bath linens and differentiate your property. Tone-on-tone sheets and bath towels with dobby borders effortlessly provide a more elegant and decorative look from standard linens.

Take on a Market Trend

Show your sustainable side to environmentally conscious guests by installing bottle-filling stations. In addition to reducing your property's carbon footprint—the built-in Green Ticker will inform users how many plastic water bottles have been saved—you'll also stand out for providing convenient cold, filtered water for your guests.

Bottle-filling Stations