More Efficient Deep Cleaning

Use these tips to tackle big cleaning projects at your hotel or care facility more efficiently and extend the time between deep cleanings. The result: a refreshed and improved property image for months to come.

Floor Care

Floor Care – Solid Floors

Rejuvenate your lobby and entry areas every 4 to 6 months, particularly after winter’s wind, snow and rain have taken a toll on hard surface floors. Apply the appropriate chemical stripper for your floor type using a low-speed floor machine, then use a wet/dry vac to remove the slurry left behind. Finally, apply 5 to 6 coats of floor finish with a finish mop, allowing at least 30 minutes of dry team after each coat.

Key Supplies:

Productivity Play: Position weather- and stain-resistant matting inside and outside each entrance to trap dirt and debris before reaching your a preventative measure to extend time between deep cleanings.

Floor Care - Carpets

Plan to deep clean carpets with hot water extraction monthly or quarterly, depending on traffic. Pre-sprays, rinses and extraction chemicals help your carpeting look newly installed.

Key Supplies:

Productivity Play: Clean up to 5x faster than a traditional corded upright vacuum* with Hoover® HushTone cordless vacuums for more efficient daily cleaning and to extend time between deep cleanings.

Odor Removal

Removing lingering odors from cigarette and marijuana smoke, pets, mildew, urine, body odor and more can be a time-consuming process that delays room turnover. If treated incorrectly, these smells can impact your facility’s reputation and income. Add these steps to your regular turnover cleaning to more effectively remove odors.

  • Remove launderable fabrics from the room first.
  • Start cleaning hard surfaces at the top of the room with a multisurface cleaner to remove smoke particles.
  • Vacuum soft furniture (couches, chairs, mattresses, padded headboards, etc.) to remove invisible particles, then treat with an odor defense spray until damp.
  • Deodorize air and carpets using the same odor defense spray. Start at the back of the room and move toward the door.
  • Allow adequate drying time for soft surfaces before giving new guests or residents access to the room.

Productivity Play: After housekeeping has cleaned and the room is vacant, bring in an ozone generator to run for 15 minutes to an hour to wipe out lingering odor molecules on the walls and ceiling, in soft surfaces and in crevices.

Source: CloroxProTM, 2019, How to Remove Marijuana and Cigarette Smoke Odors in Rooms Usage Guide

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