Revolutionizing Emergency Eyewash

Revolutionizing Emergency Eyewash

Every day, about 2,000 U.S. workers incur job-related eye injuries that require medical treatment. Of those injuries, more than 100 result in one or more lost days of work. Don't become a statistic - protect your employees today with our eye protection products.

ANSI Z358.1-2009 requires no more than 10 SECONDS walking distance to a primary eyewash station. Prepare your facility with Honeywell Eye Protection products!

Eyesaline Wall Stations

Immediate relief AND care while getting to a PRIMARY 15-minute Flush!

  • Sealed, sterile bottles contain Eyesaline - a buffered, saline solution superior to tap water for emergency eye care
  • Blow-fill-seal bottles are tamper resistant, yet easily removed in an emergency
  • Mounts to wall with provided screws
  • Simple, highly visible operating instructions are provided on each unit
  • 6 oz. and 32 oz. bottles feature trilingual instructions
  • Made in the USA

Fendall 2000™

  • Injured workers are treated with 100% sterile, buffered and physiologically balanced saline solution free of contaminants, bacteria, corrosives and pollutants
  • The Fendall 2000™ delivers 100% sterile eyewash solution form a completely sterile system

0% Bacteria, 0% Molds, 0% Fungus, 0% Pollutants = 100% Sterile Eyewash

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