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Please note that the Advanced Administrator Tools require special setup of your web profile as an Account Administrator. Please contact Customer Service to enable this role for you.

Now SupplyWorks has added new account management tools that allow you to set your own spending limits and controls so that you adhere to your budget on every order. We'll even notify you when you are close to your budget's threshold—you determine the timing of the alerts. You can choose to track purchases using Blanket Purchase Orders or your own General Ledger codes. With our new online budgeting features, SupplyWorks is more than just your supplier; we're your long-term business partner committed to helping you efficiently monitor and control your expenditures.

Blanket PO Budget - This budget type allows you to track all purchases made by your employees using one PO.
GL Code Tracking Plan - This budget type gives your company a detailed view of spend by allowing your staff to make purchases against your company's specific GL Codes, while tracking them over a specific period of time.
GL Code with Budget Plan - This budget contains all of the features of our GL Code Tracking—plus it allows you to define budgets and set spending alerts for each of your unique GL codes.