Hand Drying Hygiene

Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels

Which is more hygienic? The answer may surprise you.

According to Kimberly Clark Professional, the best method to dry your hands is clear.

Hand Dryers1

  • Disperse 1,300 times more germ particles than drying with paper towels
  • Can harbor up to 48 times more bacteria on the inner surface than a toilet seat
  • Can cause water droplets that potentially contain bacteria and germs to be expelled into the air, traveling as far as 6.5 feet and lingering in the air for up to 15 minutes

Paper Towels1

  • Can reduce bacteria on hands by up to 77 percent
  • Can physically remove bacteria along with moisture during the drying process
  • Are chosen over electric hand dryers by 90 percent of people when faced with a choice of drying methods
  • Are the recommended hand-drying method of the World Health Organization (WHO) "Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care"
  • Can improve the perception of hand hygiene adherence according to a review article in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings

When your guests and employees leave the restroom, their hands shouldn’t have more bacteria and viruses than when they walked in. A hand dryer makes it more likely that their hands will be re-contaminated during the drying process. Single-use paper towels, such as Scott® hand towels, are a more effective and hygienic way to dry your hands after washing.

1 Tomorrow's Facility Management, "Kimberly-Clark Reveals The Disgusting Truth." 2018. https://www.tomorrowsfm.com/washroom/kimberly-clark-reveals-the-disgusting-truth


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