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Hand Drying - Germs

Jet air dryers increase the bacteria count on fingertips by up to 42%. Hot air dryers increase germs by up to 194%. Both machine types harbor bacteria, so what’s the point of washing your hands if you could leave the restroom with germs that you didn’t have when you came in?

Hand Drying 77%

Jet air dryer surfaces have contamination levels 75 times higher than the average toilet seat. We’re not kidding. But you don’t touch the jet dryer, right?

Wrong. In a recent mall study, jet air dryer users touched the surface an average of 13 times in a single use. The air blast forced every single person to touch the dryer. So it’s not touchless.

Hand Drying 52%

This is a restroom. And people don’t always wash their hands well. So it’s no surprise that a 2008 study found E. coli and other gut bacteria from matter on jet air dryer surfaces. Those bacteria can get on your hands as you dry - and land on you as water droplets spray out.

These dryers should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. But they usually aren’t. One study found coliform bacteria on 52% of the jet air dryers tested - and on 0% of paper towel dispensers.

Hand Drying 6 feet

Jet dryers blow harmful bacteria up to 6.5 feet (2m). That means contaminated water from poorly washed hands sprays all over your restroom.

What's more, 1 in 8 of the floors below jet air dryers had staphylococcal counts >10 million (per 100 cm²).

Hand Drying 77%

On the other hand, drying with a paper towel actually decreases germs by up to 77%. Touchless towel dispensers really are touchless, with very few germs found on their surfaces. And friction effectively erases germs on hands. Now that’s practicing safe drying.

Cost Difference

The cost difference is tiny. In fact, the annual cost in use of a paper towel system vs. a leading jet dryer is just a 3% difference – less than $20 a year – with no charge for the better hygiene and user satisfaction that come with it.

Drying Time

According to a 2009 study conducted for KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL*, people spend an average of 21 seconds using a jet air dryer vs. 10 seconds for paper towels.

That extra time can lead to long lines of frustrated people with wet, dripping hands, which, of course, can create a slipping hazard.

Hand Drying 74%

When they’re away from home, only 22% of people using restrooms prefer air dryers.

74% believe it’s important to have towels available to open door handles. Spot cleaning clothing, wiping faces, and cleaning up kids are all things that you just can’t do with an air dryer.

Cross Contamination

The Mayo Clinic determined that Air Dryers cause cross-contamination, deeming them unsuitable for hospitals and clinics, where hygiene is paramount. Isn’t hygiene just as important to you?

Safe Drying

How Can You Practice Safe Drying?

It’s this easy: use paper towels. They’re the safe, hygienic hand drying option. They’re also part of our innovative programs designed to help you create a healthier environment whether you're at work, at school, or away from home. They help reduce the spread of germs in three easy steps with HYGIENIFY!*— wash, wipe, sanitize.


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