GP PRO Take Notice Movement for Recognizing Custodians

Home Depot Pro is partnering with GP PRO to share the "Take Notice" program, recognizing custodians and clean teams—and the industry-changing power of a simple "thanks."

Take Notice is designed to help your organization effectively recognize and motivate your building's hardworking clean teams, and start to reverse the roughly 200% annual turnover among custodians. It's also intended to help you build real partnerships with your staff, which can make a big difference for everyone.

GP PRO Janitorial Staff Study
The Psychology of a Thank You

The Psychology of a Thank You

Perhaps not surprisingly, 89% of custodians are more likely to feel that their hard work is valued when it's recognized, based on a study conducted by GP Pro in 2017. The biggest takeaway from custodians in the study? We should all "Take Notice" more often. This appreciation helps improve productivity and could increase retention. See more on the psychology of a "thank you" and its impact in this infographic.

Take Notice in Action

Be inspired by seeing Take Notice in action with this GP PRO Take Notice video, highlighting a few great stories where clean teams are recognized and acknowledged by education facilities, commercial properties, hotels, and public venues.

A Custodian Being Recognized for His Hard Work

Join The Movement

Have you thanked your custodial staff lately? Visit to learn more and join the "Take Notice" movement to start saying "thanks." They'll email you a certificate of recognition, a customizable letter, and helpful, effective "Keys to Recognition."

*Source: GP PRO Building Managers and Maintainers Study, 2017