Introducing Garrison Food Waste Disposers

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SupplyWorks's exclusive food waste disposers deliver real savings in installation costs without compromising performance or design. The standard three-bolt mounting system simplifies installation, while industry-leading warranties provide peace of mind for your customers.

Plumbing Protection For Real Savings.

Bio Shield

Bio Shield® Antimicrobial

Protect against bacteria-caused odors with this unique antimicrobial agent. It is permanently molded into the “wet” components to eliminate bacteria-caused odors and inhibit the growth of a wide range of microorganisms.

Torque Master

The Torque Master® Balanced Grinding System

The heart of this system is comprised of balanced turntables and balanced armatures, which work with corrosion-proof components to ensure less vibration and a longer life. The modern, permanent magnet motors are smaller, lighter, and more efficient than the old, slow, and heavy induction motors. These high-torque motors produce 2,600rpm or 2,700rpm to virtually eliminate jams before they happen.

Silver Guard

Silver Guard® Protection*

For even more longevity, the Deluxe and Premium models include this protection. The magnetic Silver Guard captures most metal objects before they enter the disposer chamber, preventing damage to the disposer and valuable cutlery and protecting against expensive repairs.

*available with select models

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