Access Control: New Technology for Maximum Safety

Controlling access to school sites to protect students and staff is one of the most important elements of any access control system within a school district's security plan. The thought of an individual wishing to do harm on school grounds brings about feelings of fear and helplessness. It is that very fear that drives school safety officials to implement access control plans that minimize a criminal’s ability to cause harm on a school's campus.

Electronic access control systems are becoming the standard for school districts to control who has access and when parents, employees, and visitors can access a school site. An electronic access control system is a series of devices that control access to a particular location by checking an individual’s credentials against a database. If the individual has been vetted, and should be allowed access, the system will unlock the point of entry, grant access, and make a log of the transaction.

The systems being put into operation today are similar to the concept of having a guard at the door that checks your identification, allows you to enter, and records your entry on a paper log. These newer systems are simply faster, can process many more people, and create an easily searchable database of records. More importantly, individuals who are no longer approved for entry can be denied access to all entry points of a facility much more efficiently.

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