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Create value at every step of your laundry, warewash and cleaning programs.

Commercial Laundry Supplies & Effective Cleaning Solutions

From laundry to warewash and cleaning chemicals, Diversey™ delivers best-in-class performance while helping you maintain cost-effective, sustainable and efficient operations. Diversey's laundry and warewash chemicals are designed to reduce rewashing to save time and cost. Ensure consistency and safety in cleaning with Diversey chemicals that have fixed dilutions.

Diversey is also committed to product stewardship and infection prevention, meaning products are responsible and effective.

Additional Information

Product Stewardship: Diversey is an industry leader in product safety and green initiatives
Infection Prevention: Oxivir are hospital-grade disinfectants in the lowest possible EPA toxicity category
Even More Diversey Products

Even More Diversey Products

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