Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Take Care of Your Facility's Carpets

Take advantage of Home Depot Pro's complete carpet care guide to create an effective carpet care routine within your facility. By following our tips and using our recommended solutions, you can keep high-traffic areas looking their best and reduce replacement costs. This instructional guide also shows you the different cleaning agents and tools available, as well as the specific use and frequency with which each should be applied to get the longest lifespan for your facility’s carpeting.

Preventative & Daily Cleaning

A strong preventative maintenance routine is the key to keeping potentially damaging carpet soils from stepping foot inside your facility. Using outside sweepers and entry matting, as well as vacuuming high-traffic areas daily, prevents dirt and soil from detracting from the overall look and feel of your floors. You can also use targeted, timely spot removal to prevent penetration and lessen the frequency of deep cleanings.

Home Depot Pro offers many spot treatments and equipment that remove stains before they can do long-term damage.


  • Daily sweeping and vacuuming; Spot treat as soon as possible after spill or soiling occurs.

Preventative & Daily Cleaning Products Include:

Interim Maintenance

Save on labor, costs, and downtime with low-moisture, low-chemical products designed for interim care. When vacuuming alone isn't enough, you need dry shampoos and encapsulation products and equipment. These solutions lead to low water usage and minimal downtime, all while helping preserve the life of your carpet more effectively.


  • Weekly to monthly, between scheduled deep-cleanings.

Interim Maintenance Products Include:

Restorative Maintenance

An intensive deep cleaning routine can make your facility's carpeting look like it was recently installed. We recommend a properly scheduled deep cleaning with hot water extraction to effectively remove embedded soils.


  • Monthly to quarterly, depending on traffic.

Deep-Cleaning Products Include: