School is Back in Session:
5 Tips for Facility Managers

Now that a new school year has began, there are things you can do to make sure your school facilities are safer and healthier, your staff is more productive and you meet your sustainability goals.

1. Introduce and Train Staff on New Security Features. Educational facilities increasingly have installed sophisticated security access control systems. The summer break is the perfect time to install new security devices since they can be installed without interrupting school operations. However, facility managers often overlook the fact that orientation and training of staff on these new systems needs to be considered. Take advantage of your Home Depot Pro Account Representative to help you train your staff on new systems or features.

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2. Plan Ahead for Cold and Flu Season. Educational facilities, especially those classified as K-12, should have an infection control plan in place well before the official start of cold and flu season, which is as early as October. The spreading of germs and bacteria is a huge issue in schools, which is why facility managers should be looking at a much more detailed cleaning regime that includes auditing cleaning measures. Considering that 3 out of 4 parents have sent their kids to school sick 1, and the average student misses 4.5 days of school per year due to illness, it's never too early to start planning for cold and flu season.2

3. Consider the Solutions and Programs Offered by Home Depot Pro. Home Depot Pro has an abundance of programs geared specifically to Educational Facilities. Our SupplyWorks In-Site for Education program can save you as much as 30% in operating costs. Our Restroom Assessment Tool can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your facility's restrooms with over 65 evaluation points of contact. Contact your Account Manager to find out more about these programs or complete the form below.

"Class is in Session: Germs Are Too."
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4. Enhance Your School's Green Cleaning Program. Make it a goal this school year to introduce more green cleaning products to your cleaning program. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), millions of students, faculty, and cleaning staff are exposed to pesticides and chemical fumes on a daily basis. Keep your students performing well by implementing Green Seal®-approved products to your cleaning practices. Green Seal is an organization that evaluates institutional cleaners, skin care products, floor care products, and sanitary paper products. Using Green Seal products can help your facilities become LEED-certified.

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5. Plan Global Handwashing Day Events at Your Schools. Start an annual tradition that will teach students and faculty the importance of proper handwashing. Held October 15th, Global Handwashing Day can teach students, especially younger ones, that handwashing is crucial to preventing the spread of infection. Fun events, such as relay races involving handwashing stations, dress-up parades (where children can dress up in fun costumes, such as soap, hands, or germs), and displaying posters around school that illustrate key messages about handwashing, are some examples of the types of events you could hold.

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