Earthsafe Chemical Alternative PROTEXUS CORDLS SPRAYING SYS

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Product Overview

Protexus (PX200ES) Cordless Electrostatic Sprayers bring revolutionary Touchless 360 degree disinfecting and sanitizing capability to today's cleaning, housekeeping, and infection control experts. Protexus sprayers give disinfectant and sanitizer droplets a magnetic capability that allows them to wrap around surfaces and hard to reach areas for up to 80% more coverage per worker than traditional spray bottles, buckets and rags.

Designed as a system for use with EarthSafe's line of PURTABS effervescent disinfection and sanitizing tablets, the PX200ES sprayer allows for simplified and standardized programs that eliminate cross contamination issues and empower staff to disinfect and sanitize more thoroughly, effectively, and affordably than ever before; for results that dramatically exceed those of today's cleaning and infection control programs.

Designed for use with PURTABS effervescent disinfecting and sanitizing tablets.

Fast, effective, easy to use with up to 3x the coverage of traditional sprayers. 4 hour run time per charge.


Machine Name
Model Number
Specialty Equipment Type
Cordless Spraying System