Pemberton Fabricators Inc APX390 PORT STEAM CLNR KIT

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Product Overview

New APX390 steam cleaning sytem cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes hard and soft surfaces without chemicals, uses only tap water. This chemical free system eliminates chemical expenses, leaves no residual odors, not harmful to operators, requires no SDS training and administration and very green/environmentally friendly. Product dispenses low moisture steam (5%) and surfaces dry fast. System operates with low pressure (35/45/56 PSI options) and does not damage surfaces. The steam is high temperature (220 degree F at surface). There are multiple attachments for multiple applications (i.e. deep cleans grout & tile, kills bed bugs & eggs, deep cleans shower walls & fixtures, kills drain flies & larvae, cleans appliances, food preparation surfaces, etc.). This system is labor efficient with steam process in 2 steps vs. 6 steps with chemicals. New APX390 is effective, efficient, lightweight, portable and affordable.