How to Choose the Right Industrial Mop

Choose the best industrial mop for your janitorial supply set to save resources and reduce overall costs. Heavy-duty mops come with a range of lifespans and cleaning abilities. Where a hospital may need microfiber mops for their superior cleaning power, a multifamily office may prefer dust mops for daily dirt control.

When it comes to mop selection, there are three key factors:

  • Longevity
  • Sanitation
  • Overall cost

Though mops with longer lifespans often have higher upfront costs, they also save you money in the long run.

General Use Janitorial Mops

  • Sponge mops have built-in wringing systems and can clean with less water but the heads must be frequently replaced
  • Deck mops have a one-piece construction that makes them suited to heavy-duty mopping but also means the whole mop must be replaced at signs of wear
  • Flat mops are suited to light cleaning on hard surface floors, including hard wood
  • Cut-end mops have a shorter useful period than loop-end mops but a cheaper upfront cost

Janitorial Mops for High-Traffic Areas

Clean high-traffic areas with a combination of wet mopping and dust mopping. Entryway and main hallways accumulate lots of dirt due to the number of daily visitors, and they will be the first sections of your facility to look worn without common maintenance.

  • Industrial dust mops control day-to-day dirt and debris
  • Loop-end wet mops can be laundered for repeated, heavy use
  • Finish mops apply gloss to make floors shine

Janitorial Mops for Sanitary Areas

Use commercial microfiber mops in hospitals, health facilities, bathrooms and other areas where sanitation is a priority. Microfiber mops are recommended for health facilities by the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Disposable mops prevent the spread of contagions from room-to-room
  • Microfiber mops require less cleaning product and reduce cleaning time
  • Steam mops kill germs and bacteria with hot steam

Learn more about the benefits of microfiber.


Pro Tip:

Prevent cross-contamination by organizing
your mops by area of use.

You May Also Need

Commercial Mop Handles

Optimize your mop head by choosing a compatible handle. Commercial mop handles are made of high-quality material for longer durability and extended use.

  • Handles with mop frames are ideal for easy mop head changes
  • Handles without mop frames are customizable
  • Wood handles have a longer life than plastic handles but absorb more bacteria than aluminum

Commercial Mop Buckets and Other Mop Accessories

Fulfill your cleaning needs with industrial mop buckets, storage solutions and floor cleaners. Prevent accidents with wet floor signs and other safety measures.