SupplyWorks In-Site Building Service Contractors

What Is SupplyWorks In-Site?

As a building service contractor, your goal is to continually improve the quality of your client's building environment. Through the SupplyWorks In-Site program, we offer a suite of solutions to help you standardize products, enhance processes and improve procedures to create a positive, long-term impact. SupplyWorks In-Site is proven to make facilities cleaner, healthier and greener while reducing operating costs by as much as 30%.

How Does it Work?

There are six easy steps to success with the SupplyWorks In-Site program:

Intro to SupplyWorks In-Site

Intro to SupplyWorks In-Site: Hands-On Expertise

Partner with our industry and product experts to guide you through the SupplyWorks In-Site program process, implementation, and success measurement of your company's progress

Comprehensive Benchmark Assessment

Comprehensive Benchmark Assessment

Our team performs a comprehensive facility assessment using a series of process auditing tools to identify areas for improvement and cost savings.

Actionable Reporting

Actionable Management Reporting

We report actionable data through inspection reports for custodial functions, a program analysis for your management team, and other tools to support your profitability.

Cleaning Performance Index (CPI)

Cleaning Performance Index (CPI) Tool

Our customized online inspection tool measures cleanliness of multiple rooms and buildings. The data is summarized in reports that you can easily view and export.

Training Sessions

Staff & Team Training Sessions

Informative, action-oriented classroom training sessions are delivered online or on-site. All sessions include notification of completion to program administrators.


Certification & Ongoing Evaluation

Achieve one of three levels of certification on completion of the program. We continue to work with you for ongoing evaluation to help achieve higher certification levels.

Let's Get Started

Getting started with SupplyWorks In-Site is easy. Simply complete the form below and our experts will be in touch with the first steps to get your business on the road to success. The program is complimentary for Home Depot Pro customers and comes with great benefits.

Success Stories for SupplyWorks In-Site for BSCs

We have been utilizing SupplyWorks In-Site for the last year and a half and couldn't be more pleased. Our residential/commercial cleaning business has found the chemicals and tools to not only be exceptional, but also fairly priced. This has increased our efficiency and lowered our cost. The website is extremely easy to navigate and has all tools necessary to track and organize our ordering. Our Account Executive is always there to answer our questions and give suggestions in any area of the Home Depot Pro.

Home Depot Pro goes above and beyond with their training. This program has not only expanded our training, but has given our cleaning technicians a greater confidence in their workmanship. Home Depot Pro is not simply a vendor, it is an invaluable resource to our business. Teresa McKinnon, Clean Results, LLC, Bartlesville, OK
We have found we are saving money by using the SupplyWorks In-Site program in ways we never imagined. We have increased our efficiencies in several ways. Previously our team needed to make 1 - 2 trips per week to pick up items they had forgotten to order. Now, with managers creating their orders through the system, there is no more lost productivity. Also, we never forget to bill a customer for supplies because there is a paper trail reminding us to send bills. Melissa Tremblay, Eagle Cleaning Corporation, Worcester, MA
I have had to turn down opportunities for consumables and maintenance in the past because I did not have the distribution partner support. With the team at Home Depot Pro, I am now focusing on this and other items I would not have considered in the past. I am finding solid profit and am very excited to continue going back to my existing clients and offering them services I previously could not offer, thanks to SupplyWorks In-Site for the BSC program. Paul Durham, Sensational Touch