The Home Depot Pro & Your Personal Information

Opt Out of Automatic Sharing When You Visit Our Website

When you visit our website, we use cookies and similar tools to automatically make certain personal information available to select third parties in exchange for insights and valuable services to us, such as to help us enhance your experience, improve and deliver advertising, learn how you use the website, and achieve the other purposes addressed in the "Our Tracking Tools" section of our Privacy and Security Statement. Some of those select third parties may use the personal information for their own purposes or to provide services to other businesses. California law treats such sharing as a "sale" even if no money is exchanged.

We are not currently able to associate information provided in the Opt Out of Sale form available at with information automatically collected from your device via cookies or other tracking methods when you use it to visit our websites. If you want to opt out of such automatic sharing that result in "digital sales" of personal information, click on the "Opt Out of Digital Sales" button below. Because we use a cookie to automatically identify and register your preference, if you disable cookies on your browser or device, the Opt Out of Sale request will no longer work. You can always enable cookies on your browser or device and visit this page again to register your Opt Out of Sale request. We may not recognize you when you use other browsers or devices to visit our website. So, you will need to submit a separate Opt Out of Sale request on each device and browser you use to visit our website.

After you submit an Opt Out of Digital Sales request, you may still see advertising regarding our products and services. And some of that advertising may be delivered by third parties or appear on third-party sites or services. This advertising may be general audience advertising or may be delivered by service providers in ways that do not involve sales of your personal information.

When you submit your Opt Out of Digital Sales request by clicking the button below, we will no longer share your information via digital tracking technologies used on SupplyWorks - The Home Depot Pro Institutional - Office, Work and Janitorial Supplies. You may need to take other steps for other websites, as described in the privacy policies for those websites.

Opt Out of Other Types of Sharing

If you would like to opt out of other types of sharing that may be considered sales, please submit your request by filling out the form on the Do Not Sell My Personal Information page on

Just like the opt out for sharing that occurs automatically when you visit our website (described above), after we process your opt out request at, you may still see advertising regarding our products and services. We may deliver advertising to a general audience or place advertising on websites, mobile applications, and connected device applications that relates to our products and services. For example, if you visit a do-it-yourself website, you may see advertising on that website that promotes our products and services related to the do-it-yourself content.