Website Benefit Tutorials

Get the most out of our website with these helpful videos.

Benefits of Ordering Online
An overview of how ordering your products online can help you manage your facilities with greater convenience, efficiency, and information.

Basics of Web Ordering
Learn the basics of how to order online from account setup, adding items to your shopping cart, and checking out.

Productivity Tools
Our website has a number of tools to increase your efficiency and provide you with information when and how you need it. Learn about order tracking, special orders, and numerous ways to speed through the ordering process.

Favorites Lists
Do you have favorite items you order with a high degree of regularity? This video explains how Favorites Lists are created and how they can help you save time when placing an order.

Order History
Learn how to review and track order history whenever you need to. Let your buying history help guide your future purchasing decisions.

Intro to Budgeting
For advanced users, learn how creating and managing your budget using our robust budgeting tool can help your facility stay within the budget parameters you set up.

Intro to Work Flow Management
For advanced users, create a workflow approval process that helps manage product buys throughout your organization to manage inventory levels and approve requests.

Mobile Applications
Order anywhere, anytime with our mobile applications for iPhone® and Android® devices. Learn how to take your ordering capabilities with you and add the convenience of scanning barcodes to add items to your cart.