Is Your Restroom Clean?

Chances are, customers are forming opinions based on the over all appearance and cleanliness of your restrooms. Are the floors sticky? When was the last time you replaced out dated fixtures such as mirrors, urinals, counter tops? Our infographic will surprise you with statistics that reveal what customers and occupants think about the overall appearance of your restrooms.

With Supplyworks' Restroom Assessment Tool, we can provide you with a detailed report by auditing your facilities restrooms that evaluates over 65 points of contact including:

  • Ceiling: ceiling tiles, fans, light fixtures
  • Counter: sinks, faucets, soap/sanitizer dispensers
  • Entry: doors, handles, kick-plates, exit signs
  • Floor: flooring, grout, molding, drains
  • Water Closet: toilets, toilet seats, partitions, grab bars

And much More...

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