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Improve Your Sustainability Plan

1. Upgrade to LED Lighting. LED's don't just save money. In Presence Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston, IL, residents reported improved visibility as a result of the upgrades, which led to enhanced visibility and therefore, fewer slips and falls. 1. The short-term expense of upgrading to LED's will pay off with increased long term dividends such as resident, staff and visitor safety.

2. Install Programmable Occupancy Sensors. Similar to the fact that most automobile accidents occur within 5 miles of home, the majority of long term care resident accidents occur in their rooms while they are alone. When residents have to get up during the night, lighting controls are difficult to reach which results in accidents. 2. Lighting controls can turn off the lights when a space is unoccupied, provide flexible light levels for multi-use spaces and overall comfort, step down or dim down the electric lights when adequate daylighting is available, thereby reducing the overall demand for lighting energy by up to 70% and lowering your electric bills.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products such as Renown Ready to Clean, Spartan Clean by Peroxy and Renown SureBlend. Cleaning and maintaining your facility with environmentally preferred products minimizes VOC emissions and controls allergens from dyes and fragrances, resulting in indoor environments that are cleaner, safer, more pleasant, and healthier for your residents, staff, and visitors.

4. Regularly tune-up and change filters in HVAC systems. Since long term health care residents spend the vast majority of their time indoors and in the same facility, it is especially important that the air quality is good.

5. Work closely with supply partners. Utilize vendors to work with keeping staff trained and to conduct periodic facility audits. SupplyWorks In-Site® for Long Term Healthcare program is a no-cost program for SupplyWorks customers designed to enhance your operational efficiency by developing customized solutions. This includes benchmarking, best practice training, and detailed written procedures for greener, healthier and cost efficient.

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