Favorites Lists

"Favorites Lists" allow you to keep the items you order on a regular basis easily accessible. You can also use them for job-specific product lists or to keep a running list of products of interest.

Get started with Favorites Lists.

Getting to "Favorites Lists"

You can access and start using "Favorites Lists" by selecting "Favorites Lists" from the "Web Tools" drop-down menu in the header.

If you are logged into your account, you can also click on the shortcut in the top of the header next to Quick Add.

The Many Advantages Include:

  • Unique List Names You Create to Remember the Types of Products for Each List
    • "Weekly Reorder," "Green Products," "Water Heater Replacement Parts," Etc.
  • Alphabetical List Ordering to Help You Find Lists Faster
  • Sorting by Price, Item Number, Manufacturer Name, or Category to Help You Find List Items Faster

Add Items to Any List Wherever Products are Found

  • Product Search and Browse Results
  • Product Detail Pages
  • Invoices
  • Previous Orders
  • Credits
  • Shopping Carts
  • Quick Info
  • My Top Products
  • Industry Best Sellers

What Else Can I Do With a Favorites List?

  • Share a favorites list with other users for the account.
  • Allow other users to make changes to a favorites list.
  • Quickly add items to a list while you are in a favorites list.
  • Rename a list.
  • Create a customized favorites list or generate a favorites list based on your purchases over a time period.
  • Upload a favorites list from an Excel spreadsheet.